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All QSM silencers are warranted for the original owner to be free of manufacturing defects for the life of the silencer.   Any manufacturing defects will be repaired or the silencer will be replaced at the discretion of QSM, at no cost to the customer.  We cannot warranty against damage caused by improper use of the silencer.  This includes improper mounting of the unit, which can result in internal damage and possible risk to the operator. 

We cannot warranty our silencers against premature wear caused by use on short barreled rifles with full auto fire.  

We recommend that the unit only be mounted on barrels either threaded by QSM or factory threaded barrels that have been checked for concentricity of the threads to the bore.   If you choose to have your barrel threaded by anyone else, this warranty is void and the user will be responsible for costs incurred for repair or replacement of the silencer. 

Barrel threading 100.00 per item, plus return shipping.   Includes thread protector.

For full warranty/service information on our silencers see product insert or contact us.  

 Now having stated everything that our attorney suggested, let's get down to brass tacks.  Our fault, your fault, nobody's fault, if something has failed and you're not happy we sure want to hear about it.  Help us to help you. 

Satisfied customers are our best advertisement.