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Quicksilver Manufacturing LLC Titanium .223/5.56 Quick Attach Silencer


Our quick attach .223/5.56 titanium silencer has been developed around the standard A2 flash hider for military and tactical applications.   Patented attachment.   Rated for full auto.

It has been successfully field tested against two other major manufacturer's QA cans and was proven superior.

"It is a quick attach that fits over the standard birdcage.  It fits snugly and securely, doesn't rotate off, and can be removed from the weapon with ease.  This suppressor maintains its rugged durability.  We have now fired over 2,500 rounds through it, and it has not lost any of its effectiveness.  We have also fired this suppressor on 3 round burst without the locking nut rotating at all.  I highly recommend this suppressor, especially when compared to other quick attach suppressors out there right now."


G-3 PLANS NCOIC, 1AD Bridging Staff

Division Small Arms Master Gunner (SAM-G)

FT BLISS, TX 79916

See full statement

Construction:  Titanium alloy

Size:  7.5 inches x 1.5 inches

Weight:  17.3 ounces

Attachment:  to standard A2 flash hider

or, to H&K G36C via custom order

Finish:  spun titanium  #TITAN223QA-ST
bead blast titanium  #TITAN223QA-BB
black tungsten carbide  #TITAN223QA-TC

Price:  $1295.00 retail

Stock:  Currently sold out

Contact us for military, government or law enforcement discount pricing.